Artistic Collaborations

Xiao Ke & Zi Han COART Lijiang City Performance 2014 artistic collaborator

Boris Bakal Father Courage 2013 artistic collaborator

Diederik Peeters HULK 2013 artistic advisor

Ivana Müller In Common 2012 co-writer & artistic adviser

Bojana Cvejic Running Commentary 2012 performer/commentator

Johanna Thompson Hardcore Flirt 2012 collaborative performance

Diederik Peeters Red Herring 2011 artistic advisor

Ivana Müller 2010 Working Titles conceptual development & performer

Katja Dreyer 2010 Uberflieger artistic and text advisor

Ivana Müller Thank You For Making Me The Artist IM 2009 collaborator & performer

Apocryphal Besides, You Lose Your Soul or The History of Western Civilisation 2009 performer

Ivana Müller Playing Ensemble Again And Again 2008 artistic advice & co-writer

LOT/NWT London-Lima Laboratory 2007 performer

Ivana Müller While We Were Holding It Together 2006 co-writer, advisor & performer

AB Micro-Macro-Scope 2006 creator and performer

Apocryphal The Jesus Guy 2006 performer

Simon Daw Wave Structure 2005 performer

Sophia Kosmogolou Posers 2005 performer

Ivana Müller Under My Skin 2005 co-author, co-designer & performer

AB 80 Wooster Street 2004 co-creator & performer

Rotozaza 2004 Double Think performer

AB 100% Impure 2004 co-creator & performer

Julia Barclay 13 Minutes: Subliminal Car Music for Sarah 2003 performer

Ivana Müller How Heavy Are My Thoughts 2003 co-writer & performer

The Present Company No One 2003 performer

Orchestra Stolpnik Shadow Casters Phase 2  2002 co-creator & performer

Scale Project New Town 2001 performer

Orchestra Stolpnik Shadow Casters Phase 1  2001 co-creator & performer

Para-Active Domestication for Public Slaughter 1996 co-creator & performer

Para-Active Recipe for a Body Mortgage 1995 co-creator & performer